How to Make Furniture Design from Eco-Cardboard Recycled Material

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This time I’d like to talk about ‘how to make furniture design using eco-cardboard material‘. A few days ago, we received a few eco-cardboard submission prototypes from the factory. It looks very simple, easy, smart and I felt very good seeing the furniture using recycled, eco-friendly material although I didn’t make it. These are some of the designs from the Groopti eco-cardboard contest. Who would think mono, boring, moving box material can be so cool! As you can see the below, these would-be boxes are no squares.

How to Make Furniture Design from Eco-Cardboard Recycled Material

This one, as you can see, there are a lot of layers of eco-cardboard. One secret is that the designer used the wooden dowl to stand the layers of cardboard more durable. If you want more information, ask the designer.

How to Make Furniture


Eco-Cardboard Recycled Material

 See more  Some keys to keep in mind when designing furniture from eco-cardboard.
  • Durability
Stress points need to be focused down on the honeycombs. With cardboard the strength is in the direction of the cardboard. To test this kick a side versus an end. The end pushes back while the side bends.
  • Coating
It is essentially a paper product… so you need to consider ways to prevent moisture damage. Lots of cardboard furniture are used for the novelty and not long-term because it’s so susseptible to water damage. If you want yours to last you need to consider things like a coating or sealant to prevent humidity or liquids from making a quick end to your design. The Wiggly Chair (a famous card-board chair design – and a personal favorite of mine), for instance, goes through several stages of coating protection, so it’s able to last a lot longer than you’d otherwise believe. Like I pointed out above, you also might want to consider strengthening your design with something. Dowels and particle board are two items that are often woven into the design to add strength, often seamlessly.
  • Application
If you’re intending your design to be an alternative to other standard materials, I think that’s great but you mayend up with some serious durability issues and you may be missing an opportunity. The real amazing value of card-board is that it is lightweight, affordable, easily designed to be KD (knock-down), and there-for works quite well for those whom need something transportable and can be easily customizable for printing. So maybe eco-cardboard isn’t the right thing for making your outdoor  furniture, but I does offer a lot of possibilities for events as well as something special, artistic, and conversational for the living room. If you have been interested in eco-cardboard furniture design, check it out online or talk to designers with some experience. You may want to ask the designers how they did with eco-cardboard materials, cut, glue, measure, even their motivation and inspiration. Interested in eco-design then contact the designers in their comments or ask the designer on the discussion board. Our engineering team and designers who know would be more than happy to explain to you how to make their furniture from eco-cardboard material. It is important for you to understand how to make furniture from this type of currently specialized designs. These designs are becoming much more commercial so you can fully understand what it is you are buying, how it all works and what the finished product should look like. This is all so you can ensure everything is put together correctly so that it does not become unstable. The furniture can withstand everything that it has been designed to do which is more than you probably think. Eco-cardboard is strong and lightweight, and uses very relatively very little material, if well designed you can use it for almost any application including hold heavy items such as computers, cups, glasses, plates and the chairs can also withstand a more than average size person sitting on them.


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