What is Groopti?

Groopti is an online platform that offers respected designers and designers on-the-verge the ability to share their ideas, build their personal brand, increase visibility. We are an active consumer community of friendly, talented, value-oriented and creatively-minded individuals who are interested in the latest and greatest in modern furniture/home decoration design.  

Is my design suitable for Groopti design submission?

We would love to see furniture design, interior deco design, anything related to home decoration.

How to be the winner of the month?

A design that gets the most votes and feedbacks will be the winner of the month. Two design will be the chosen by Groopti community.

What will the winner get?

Winners will be featured in Groopti main page for a week and we will send out newsletter to Groopti community. Furthermore, we will reach to big design community to promote the winner design.  

What happend to the Groopti Development?

Because of the low volume orders and capital problems, we decide to pause the development operation for now. However, we will move forward to bring the development operation back in the future when we are ready. Until then, we want to be more close to design community listening, seeing, and helping as much as we can.


Some Recent Projects

  1. yingwang1
  2. JF_-_Blossom_1

The Community

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