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    materal: Wood, Acrylic paint Snow Bird is a blank, canvas. When it comes to hands of a designer, artist, virtually any human being or even a child, Snow Bird acquires a completely new image every single time. You can a felt tip pen or a box of paints, reimagine it...
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    Material: Lacquered MDF Dimensions: Single Side: 73″ High, 12″ Deep, 33″ Wide “Positive” Connector Pieces: 23″ High, 14″ Deep, 23″ Wide All Together: 73″ Wide The Positive shelving system changes according to your needs – it can expand to fill a long wall or divide a room, or it can...
  3. Aamna

    Creative Shelving from Fluid

    Groopti will be launching a Create Shelving Contest later this month and to get the inspiration going I thought you could take a look at these solutions from Fluid.Fluid has three categories, Fluid Metro, Fluid Earth and Fluid kids. Every category also has many different styles. As a kid I...

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